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WIN a Family Holiday!

Pack your bags and grab the family because Channel 10’s The Amazing Race Australia is giving you the chance to WIN a $5000 holiday voucher from 10 Travlr.

To enter, simply head to 10play, and say in 25 words or less where in Australia you’d like to holiday and why.

Hurry as entries close soon.

The Amazing Race Australia is fun for all the family, watch as contestants race around this amazing country of ours and take on hair-raising challenges for their chance to win $250,000!

Catch it Sunday to Tuesday 7.30 on 10 and 10play

Competition closes 29/03/2021 at 12.00 AEDT. Entrants must be 18 years and over to enter. Total prize valued at up to $5000 AUD. Full terms and conditions at 10play.com.au/win

Coding, Robotics and Entrepreneurship Classes with Junior Engineers

After working with over 40,000 Aussie kids, Junior Engineers knows that anyone can learn to code – and love it!

Providing award-winning programs both online and face-to-face during the school term and the holidays, their mission is to give kids the keys to their future in a super engaging environment.

Whether they are designing games or modifying Minecraft and Roblox with real code, building robotic arms, or designing real Smart-Watches – kids gain valuable skills that they can immediately use in the real world.

Use code FLEXIVIP1 for a 10% discount! Offer valid until 31 March 2021. Only one coupon can be used per purchase.

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Save up to $100 with Marley Spoon

Flexischools parents can try Marley Spoon with $40 off your first meal kit, $30 off your second, $20 off your third, and $10 off your fourth!

Simplify your weeknights and have their deliciously different recipes and pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door.

Choose from more than 25 chef-designed recipes weekly. Cook with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Veggie and Vegan recipes available. Flexible subscription.

Parents/Teachers/Faculty! Did you know Office 365 Education is free for students*

Just a quick reminder that if you are thinking about buying your child a new computer, they may be able to get access to Office 365 Education for free via their school. If you do buy a new computer, talk to your school about activating your child’s free subscription online.

Once you download and install, your child will be able to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams and more. If you’re not sure what your child’s school email address and password is, ask their teacher before the end of the year.

* To qualify, students need an eligible school email address and internet access. Eligibility requirements

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Our place green innovations awards

Planning dates now available for the 2021 Green Innovation Awards

The Green Innovation Awards is an innovative science and environmental competition available for primary and high schools from the Gold Coast to Grafton.

Students are asked to demonstrate their innovative ideas in waste management, water management, building and packaging materials, agriculture, biofuels and renewable energy.

The competition taps into STEM subjects and is designed to meet curriculum outcomes.

Maths and English online tutoring with Kinetic Education

Kinetic Education specialises in Maths and English, combining real tutors with online learning.

Kinetic will assess your child for FREE to identify any knowledge gaps holding them back. You see, learning is much like building a brick wall – with strong foundations and the right support, every child can learn. This is what Kinetic is all about and why they have been so successful helping 80,000 Australian kids over the last 30 odd years.

Kinetic Education are offering a limited number of Flexischools customers a free Maths assessment and 3 weeks free tutoring. And it starts from just $26 per week thereafter.

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Our place offer skoolbo

$20 for a 12-month Skoolbo subscription

Skoolbo is an all-inclusive, innovative app that supports your child’s learning across reading, writing, numeracy, STEM, languages and brain games. Skoolbo is suitable for ages 4 to 10 and is a highly recommended resource to support your child's learning when working from home.

How can Skoolbo help if children are working from home?

  • Skoolbo has sufficient content for between 20 and 90 minutes per day
  • Parents can monitor and assist their children in the comprehensive parent dashboard
  • Extremely wide content coverage
  • Up to four children can use a single subscription

Purchase a 12-month subscription for $20 (RRP $119.95)


Read important information on topics like nutrition and gain advice from experts on how to manage complex situations such as schoolyard bullying.

Eating for immunity – how to sort health from hype

Covid-19 has disrupted our world and also increased the focus on wellness and protecting our health, especially that of our precious family. So, it’s no surprise to hear that Google searches on what to eat for immunity have skyrocketed. Ultimately, we know that a healthy diet, regular physical activity, low stress levels and a good night’s sleep are the best immune boosting strategies. But are there specific foods that you should focus on when it comes to feeding your kids? Let’s check out the tried and true immune boosters.

A dietitian’s best recipe hacks

If there is one small silver lining from this pandemic year, it’s been the growing interest in home cooking. In Australia, Google searches for ‘healthy recipes’ more than doubled during the first lockdown in April1, as our favourite restaurants and cafes were forced to shut down. Whilst the initial dusting off of old recipe books may have been born out of necessity, many Australians have discovered long lasting passions for transforming the humble meat-and-three-veg dinner into something a bit more special.

Eat, pray, love

During this crazy time of our lives when the world seems upside down, we all need to practise more of the ‘eat, pray, love’ philosophy. We need to eat food that satisfies our bodies and minds, we need to pray that things turn back to “normal” as soon as possible and we need to give ourselves and our wider community as much love as possible to get through these trying times.

A wholesome approach to allergies

Being a parent is a tough job. Add a child’s food restrictions and life becomes a lot more complex. Food allergies are common challenges facing parents and schools, with studies reporting that one in ten Australian children are allergic to one or more foods. Unfortunately, the rate of allergy prevalence appears to be increasing, with figures suggesting a 100% increase in peanut allergy over the past 15 years and hospital admissions for anaphylaxis have doubled over the last decade.

Are your kids getting their essential nutrients?

Back to school signals the exciting start to another learning year. But let’s be honest, the biggest challenge often lies with us – the dedicated breakfast making, lunch planning and dinner rushed parents. Increasingly, research shows the importance of eating right not only for growth and development, but also for optimal learning, for mind and mood and for sport and play. Let’s explore the essential nutrients to focus on and practical tips for making the grade.

The healthy way to canteen

A snack or lunch order from the canteen will probably rate as a highlight of school for most Australian kids. Many parents too will have fond memories of their favourite school canteen moments. Days of paper bags filled with delicious sandwiches, dripping icy poles on hot summer mornings and jostling in the queues trying to beat the others to reach the front.

Three back to school to dos

It’s almost back to school time and we’re about to look down the barrel of roughly 200 days (per child) of packing lunchboxes. Whether the thought of packing lunchboxes fills you with dread or excitement, these three back to school to dos will help get you more organised so packing lunchboxes is a more pleasant task.

Five steps to pack a healthy lunchbox

In Australia, every school term has about 50 days and every school year has about 200 days. That’s a lot of days to pack lunchboxes! Then multiply 200 days by the number of children you have – now that’s a lot of lunchboxes to pack.

How to get your kids to eat cold leftovers so lunchbox packing becomes easier

School’s gone back for the year which means we’ve got around 200 school lunchboxes to pack per child. Parents often tell The Root Cause that their biggest concerns around packing lunchboxes are:

  1. the time it takes to pack lunchboxes
  2. variety
  3. lunchboxes coming home uneaten.

How to Deal with Bullying

A guide for parents on identifying bully behaviour and how to deal with it. What is bullying? One in four students are bullied in Australian schools. It is an endemic problem that we need to teach our children to identify and into the future, have enough resilience to be a part of the solution.

Bullying Explained

Sometimes we label childrens’ behaviours towards others as bullying, when in fact it isn’t. Nasty, mean or rude behaviour is awful but it is not bullying. Nasty, mean or rude behaviour is something that we all need to learn how to deal with unfortunately, because it is a part of life and human behaviour.

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