Save time and get your school services organised with Flexischools

No more juggling multiple apps and platforms to manage canteen orders, uniform orders, school payments, fundraisers and messages to parents.  

With Flexischools, you can manage all these school services in one convenient platform. 

Flexischools all-in-one cashless app means:

  • Canteen

    Parents can order and pay for their child’s canteen food online, taking away cash counting and reducing counter orders, saving you up to two hours a day!

  • Uniform Shop

    You can make it easier to manage inventory and sales of your school’s uniform and supplies, by loading your uniform shop catalogue onto Flexischools. Parents can buy items at a time that suits them.

  • Events & Fundraisers

    Your next school event or fundraiser will be a breeze, by taking payments and bookings online with Flexischools.

  • Communications

    You can stay in touch quickly and easily, by sending newsletters, reminders about special events or fundraisers and updates to your parent community straight from Flexischools.

“I have used Flexischools for over 10 years. Being the Convenor of a large school tuckshop means I need a time saving, reliable system for online ordering. Flexischools delivers and it’s easy to use!”

Yvette, Bounty Boulevard State School 

We’d love you to join our Flexischools community of more than 1,600 Australian schools.  

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