FLX® is a prepaid Mastercard® and
savings app for your kids!


What is FLX?

Families from over 2,500 Aussie schools use FLX. It’s a fun new prepaid card and finance app for kids! FLX is a safe and secure way to teach your kids how to earn, save and spend.
FLX is powered by
Flexischools: Australia’s #1 online school ordering platform for parents, schools and suppliers.

How does FLX work?

Prepaid card for kids: The FLX card can be used where prepaid Mastercards are accepted, giving kids freedom to spend their pocket money. But with built-in safety precautions, such as age-inappropriate merchant category blocks and no cash-out, you’ll have peace of mind.

Flexischools app for parents: You can instantly top up your child’s FLX card and monitor their spending from the Flexischools app.

FLX kids finance app: Kids can receive pocket money, set savings goals, and track their spending in the FLX App.

What can your child do with FLX?

✅ Use their FLX prepaid card to make purchases in store and online (and at school if your school accepts card payments)

✅ Receive pocket money

✅ Set savings goals and track their progress

✅ Monitor their spending

✅ Pay with contactless, Apple Pay or Google Pay

✅ Choose their favourite FLX card design

Awesome FLX card designs

Kids can earn, save, and spend their money in the most fun way possible.  

What can parents do with FLX?

Instantly transfer money from your Flexischools wallet to your child’s FLX card

Set up automatic pocket money transfers

✅ Monitor your child’s spending with real-time notifications to your phone or Apple Watch

Use the FLX App to help your child set savings goals

Compatible with Apple Pay
and Google Pay

Kids can add their FLX Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay!

This means they can use their phone or smartwatch to make purchases.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are contactless, safe, and easy to use.

And perfect for kids who lose their belongings!


Teach your child financial literacy within a safe and secure platform

Trusted: Flexischools has been simplifying life for parents for over a decade

Convenience: Instantly transfer funds from your Flexischools parent wallet and monitor your child’s purchases

Independence: Your child can gain independence within boundaries

Peace of mind: Easily lock, unlock, and replace your child’s FLX card from the parent app

Secure: PIN-protected app access

Restrictions: Age-inappropriate merchant categories are restricted, and no cash-out

Safety: 24-7 fraud monitoring on FLX Cards

Here are some of the fantastic FLX App Store reviews!

App Store Review

“My kids absolutely love FLX. We never have cash for their pocket money and now it is so easy – and all using the same Flexischools account”

App Store Review

“Super easy to get this set up and my kids love it.”

App Store Review

“Teaching kids financial literacy is so important, this card is seamless and easy. Absolutely love it!”


Monthly membership (per FLX account)

$2.50 per month

(including GST)

Annual membership (per FLX account)

$25 per year

Additional fees

  • Foreign exchange fee on non $AU transactions 2.99% (plus GST)

  • Unsuccessful disputed transactions may incur an $11 fee

  • The normal Flexischools surcharges will apply for Flexischools Parent Wallet top-ups.