School life simplified.

Easy ordering and cashless payments for school canteen, uniforms, fundraisers, and events.

How to set up your Flexischools account

Flexischools registration

1. Register

Open your Flexischools app and click ‘Register'.

  1. Submit your email to create an account.

  2. In your inbox, open the registration email.

  3. Click the link within and follow registration prompts in app.

Flexischools add student

2. Enter your child’s details

Once your account is set up, log into your Flexischools app

  1. Select ‘Profile’ icon on the navigation bar.

  2. Under ‘Students’, click ‘Add new’.

  3. Enter your child’s name, school, year level, and class. Click ‘Submit’.

Fleischools online ordering

3. Order and pay with ease!

Here’s how to order food on Flexischools

  1. Click ‘Order food’ - top of app home screen

  2. Select the student you’d like to order for

  3. Choose a service (e.g. lunch) and order date

  4. Select any items you’d like to order

  5. Once finished, click ‘View order

  6. Select ‘Checkout & pay’ to place your order

What parents are saying

Lunch orders

No more stinky lunchboxes with beautifully packed lunches coming home being wasted.

No pre packed snacks being sneaked from the pantry leaving no snacks in the morning. Better weight management without these in the house for ALL the family.

No left over loaf of bread at the end of the week going stale. This was happening every week with only one child. Now each days fresh, saves money approx. $50 a week. Great variety, economical, less waste. Healthier for all the family. Just smarter all round.

Apple App Store review 07/12/22

5 star app store review

Makes school admin easy for busy parents!

This is the best thing that I can do first thing the morning, the night before, even a few nights in advance !!!

I love it!

Because when you as a parent is soo busy to worry about everything little thing, especially when everything is on devices, it’s so much easier having this to also check into!

Apple App Store review 09/06/2022

5 star app store review


First of all, thank you to those lovely people who volunteer their time to work at the canteen and for preparing my son’s lunches.

I’ve had the app installed for few months and didn’t realise I could order lunches so I’m really pleased to be able to order for him. Only for this week he’ll have a lunch order every day bc he wants to try different kinds of food haha.

But love the app. Easy and user friendly.

Apple App Store review 01/06/2023

5 star app store review

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