Save time when you move your school tuckshop online

The all-in-one cashless school app!

Flexischools has everything you want from an online ordering system! All your services including canteen, uniforms, and events can be set up as online ordering, giving parents the flexibility to place school orders online at any time.

“I just want to commend Flexischools on a wonderful school platform and even more outstanding supplier support. Honestly I couldn’t rave enough about how exceptional all aspects of their service are.”

Robyn - Canteen Manager at a NSW primary school

How can our cashless school solution help your school?


All your school needs in one convenient app!

  • Online canteen

  • Online uniform shop

  • School events

  • Free in-built school communications app

  • Online school fees and payments


Save time and money

  • Our online canteen system allows parents to pre-order food from your school canteen online. This ensures every school lunch order is complete and correct, saving you time and helping reduce wastage.

  • Online ordering is also proven to increase canteen orders, leading to greater profits for your school.

  • Minimise staffing requirements and save time (as our online tuckshop removes the need for paperwork and cash handling).


Trusted and accredited

  • Flexischools is trusted by over 1,650 primary, secondary, and combined schools across Australia.

  • We have a 4.7-star rating across over 45K+ reviews on the App Store and Google Play.

  • We are a licensed financial services provider.


Easy payments

  • Integrated into a variety of point-of-sale solutions to allow for on-site payments via your existing student cards.

  • Fits in seamlessly with your current bank service.

  • Easy online collection of funds.


Easy for parents to use

  • Our online ordering system is super simple for parents to use.

  • Our convenient fast ordering feature allows parents to place a repeat lunch order in just a few seconds!

  • If parents have any questions, our Aussie customer support team is here to help.

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